Fani Benages represents contemporary dance and theatre artists and companies boosting unique talents.


What's On!


Les Impuxibles, company directed by the sisters Clara and Ariadna Peya, bring their show Painball, premiered at Fira Tàrrega, at La Pedrera, on 28 Nov, at 20 h.

Likes by Núria Guiu will be performed December 4 at Plesni Teater de Ljubljana (Slovenia) at the first presentation of “Spring Forward in Ljubljana”.

Cia Moveo presents Conseqüències on Sunday 9 December in Matadepera, at 19 h, algon with the piece ¿Dónde estoy cuando soy dos?, performed by Sophie Kasser and the pianist Sara Almohalla. On the 15 at 19 h, the company performs Conseqüències at the CC Sandaru de Barcelona, part of the circuit BCN Districte Cultural.

From 17 to 20 December the company CreaMoviment performs matinees sessions for schools of the show Un món de cartró at La Caldera de Barcelona, at 9.30h and 11h.


On 27 and 28 Cia Du’K’tO present their show Cafuné performed by Bàrbara Vidal and Bernat Messeguer, directors f the company, with live music by Adrià Bauzà, at Teatre Principal de Palma.


Since 1994, Fani Benages works as a cultural agent, especially in the contemporary dance field, and since 2002 she has been working as a freelance. Currently, she runs her own agency: Fani Benages, arts escèniques (performing arts), in which she develops production, management and distribution tasks for dance companies and performing arts makers such as: Compañía Sharon Fridman,, Cia Vero Cendoya, Claire Ducreux, Iron Skulls Co, Marco Vargas & Chloé Brûlé or HURyCAN. She has collaborated with several French companies such as: Compagnie Sebastién Ramírez, RAF Crew, Wanted Pose or Jeu de Jambes.

She has promoted and distributed spectacles over Europe, Middle East and Latin America. Throughout her career she has participated in performing arts’ fairs and markets in Spain as well as abroad such as: Tanzmesse, Fira Tàrrega, Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca, Festival de Montpellier Danse, Baltic Round Table (Helsinki) or in different editions of IETM.

These events allow her to count with a national and international wide contacts’ network, which are useful to promote and boost the artists and companies she represents. Due to her long experience she has been invited to give distribution and cultural management courses for the SDE (Business Development Service of the Catalan Government), APDC (Catalonia’s Professional Dance Association) and for Catalonia’s International University (2011-12).
Aware of the importance of the exchange of good practices and information, in 2010 she created and developed the international network to foster the mobility of artists across Europe: DEM —Dance European Movement— with different agents based in France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Belgium and United Kingdom. This project has been useful to create synergies and collaboration among independent agents and companies of different European countries.
Currently, Fani also runs the models and actors’ agency specialised in movement Move on.