Foto-Perfil-Sharon-by-KmarinacSharon Fridman’s current movement research is rooted in several key elements: necessity, natural spontaneity, verticality, falls, impulse and contact. His most recent works have generated, in a very nautral way, a systematization of his movement language.

Compañía Sahron Fridman is a contemporary dance company founded in 2006 and based in Madrid. The company’s Artistic Director is the Israeli choreographer Sharon Fridman, whose works have een presented at numerous festivals and venues in France, Italy, Germany, belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Colombia, South Korea and Singapore, among others. Since its creation the company has premiered the following works: “Carlos&me” (2006), “Q-Project” (2008), “Shakuff” (2010),  “Al menos dos caras” (2011), “¿Hasta dónde…?”, “Rizoma” (2012), “INNER” (2012), “FREE FALL/CAÍDA LIBRE “(2014).



“ALL WAYS” premiere in Madrid October 2016. Teatro Conde Duque, Festival Danzamos.

The freedom to always perceive all ways. The freedom to pursue the path one has been called to chase. The company celebrates its 10years with this new production, closing a clycle, which started years ago with some hints and its firsts passions.


Our survival is a question of verticality: picking oneself up again after falling is an endless cycle carried out daily. We are all participants in this asymmentrical dynamic, but each of us experiences it in a unique and personal way. A perpetual members of a collective society we endevour to find meaning and freedom, to see forourselves if a “free fall” is indeed possible.
FREE FALL (expanded version which includes 20 local non-professional dancers)

Co-production: Mercat de les Flors and Theater im Pfalzbau (Germany).
Premiere: October 2014, Mercat de les Flors.
Running time: 60min





¿Hasta dónde…? is a struggle between two sides, the inner sides we all somehow contain. The manipulation we practice on ourselves to get… how far? (¿Hasta dónde…?) How far can you transmit? How far can you suffer? How far can you pull or let yourself being pulled? This is the concept of this piece of work. No side is a winner. In every movement there is a lot of freedom to improvise and decide which direction to take: it is the opportunity given to me by the other body.

Premiere: Festival Masdanzas Cartagena, abril 2011
Running time: 12min and 23min versions.
Outdoors show