Without large settings she creates great shows. Thanks to her visual theatre, when Claire Ducreux dances she makes us feel in a buble. A sensations’ cloud surrounded by a magic and tender silence.

Trained as a contemporary dancer at the Conservatoire of Lyon, as a performer she started dancing in several French dance companies such as Cie Marie Coquil or Myriam Dooge. In 1999, she started working together with the Catalan clown, Leandre Ribalta founding the company Leandre-Claire. They created “Fragile” (outdoors) and “Madame et Monsieur”(venue), both shows received several awards and toured all over the world during several years. In 2004 she created her first solo dance-theatre street show “De Paseo”. In 2008, she created her 2nd solo “Barco de arena” and in 2012 her 3d solo “Le Sourire du Naufragé “. These 3 shows form the “The tramp’s triology” and are currently touring all over the world.

Parallel to her solo career, in 2005 she played as a clown-dancer in a circus show “Rodó” (National Circus Prize of Catalunya 2006) and in 2010 she created and danced with Toni Mira “En attendant l’inattendu” (Audience award for the best show at the Fira de Teatre de Manacor 2010). In 2013, Claire prepared her first indoor solo titled “Poetical Refugee ” (official premiere at the Tàrrega festival 2014).





A tramp discovers a street corner making it her temporary shelter. 2 barriers symbolise the doors of her universe, a bridge is transformed into a boat and a sculpture becomes her travelling companion. It’s visual poem, its rhythm follows the snow falling little by little. Until the storm.  At the end, everything turns white, except for the red umbrella, like a poppy in a field of snow… a sign of hope.

Running time: 60min
Indoors show