Iron Skulls Co’s style is defined by crossing over movement disciplines such as martial arts, contemporary dance and urban dance; and music production, fashion and graphic design as well.

This experimental dance company stems from the Breakdance group “Iron Skulls Crew”. Eager to investigate on performing arts, in 2013 in Barcelona they started off Iron Skulls Co. The company is composed of dancers who come from different parts of Spain and different artistic paths. Since they presented “Sinestesia”at Huesca’s International Theatre and Dance Fair, where they received the audience award, they are acknowledged for their crosscutting physicality and creation of atmospheres. They are first Spanish company to have danced at the Hip hop festival Breakin’ Convention (London, 2015).
Adrián Vega, Héctor Plaza, Bene Carrat, Facu Martín, Diego Garrido, Moisés Moe and Luís Muñoz are the members of the company.





represents a post-apocalyptic world, where a group of survivors set off for a journey towards a safe place. Hip Hop, Acrobatics and Contemporary dance merge to create a languaje, in which the human and animal quality are combined, inviting the spectator to play a game of sensorial interferences.

Duration: 25’/ 50′
outdoors/ indoors