Loscorderos.sc  and their Bastard theatre

loscorderos.sc is a theatre project that creates performance languages untrammelled by the dictatorship of the word. (…)
They combine a range of different techniques and performing arts, including drama, theatre of objects, dance, acrobatics and clown, and breaking down the dividing lines between them. The result is a bastard theatre whose conventions are difficult to pin down. (…)
Intensity is their watchword. There’s no place for half-hearted theatre, not even for part of the audience. It’s instinct we have in our sights.

loscorderos.sc (thelambs) was founded in 2003 by a very small flock formed by David Climent and Pablo Molinero, both of whom belong to the generation of ‘77. Their project together is “Crónica de José Agarrotado” (The chronicle of Joe Tauten). Since then, among other projectes, they have created: “El hombre visible” (The Visible Man) (2007), “Tocamos a dos balas por cabeza” (Two bullets per head) (2008), “El mal menor” (The lesser evil) (2010), “El cielo de los tristes” (Heaven for the miserable) (2011). In 2012 loscorderos were selected to take part in the programme Modul-dance 2013-14 (within this framework they did artistic residencies in different European countries). They created “ULTRinnocencia” (2013).

Their creations have toured in several international stages such as Festival Internacional Cêna Contemporânea de Brasília, Teatro SESC Santana de Sao Paulo, Festival Internacional de Londrina or FIDAE-Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas de Montevideo. Throughout the years they have been awarded several times, among them, FAD Sebastià Guasch Award in 2013 for “El cielo de los tristes”.





loscorderos.sc + Za!

t is some years now since loscorderos·sc and Za! worked together for the first time at the Indisciplines Festival in 2012, organised by Mercat de les Flors and the Institut Ramon Llull. On that occasion, they created a piece that revolved around a sofa, entitled Es perimental. The two groups have teamed up once more to create a stage experience in the form of a conference given by a group of Afasians, members of a tribe that has made such important discoveries as the destruction of the self, and have even managed to open the famous box containing Schrödinger’s cat, which, according to quantum physics, is at once both dead and alive. A table and four microphones are all they need, as well as a sofa to take a rest during breaks in the conference. The truth is, though, that this is not a conference, that the Afasians are not a tribe, nor have they made any discoveries.

Coproduction: Grec 2016 Festival de Barcelona, loscorderos·sc, Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, SÂLMON< festival and Tercera Setmana Festival d’Arts Escèniques de València.In cooperation with Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació, Graner Centre de Creació, L’Animal a l’Esquena and Celrà Local Council.                                                                                        

Afasians  the last Coference by loscorderos.sc +ZA! còpia (1)


Loscorderos.sc + Miss Q

Unlikelihood as something likely, that’s the universe’s key principle. There’s nothing more unlikely than life, and here we are. There’s nothing more unlikely than utopias, and these will end up ruling the World. The End of the World’s Band, the incorruptible devoted to the ABC of Unlikelihood, believes it’s time to speak plainly about this, for unlikelihood’s cards to be thrown, to be said what we haven’t been said yet. If you have the chance to meet them, don’t forget to throw them a stone. We know that’s highly likely. In fact, that’s just the welcome we expect from you.

Premiere November 2015, Temporada Alta, Teatre de Salt (Girona)

Coproduction: loscorderos.sc / Temporada Alta / El Graner


loscorderos.sc + Za!

Premiere: September 2012 in the Mercat de les Flors under the framework of Indisciplines Festival

Thanks to the initiative of the Institut Ramon Llull and the Mercat de les Flors, in 2012 this duet – quartet formed by the flock of loscorderos.sc and Za! had the opportunity to meet and work together for the first time.
The resulting piece was dubbed ‘It’s perimental': The collective immolation of Za! and loscorderos.sc for everyone’s benefit. Experimental? No, It’s perimental. It is the strange family that was won in a raffle. Memories accumulated in an armchair, blown up in the air. The everyday totem, the den, the people’s opium. What would you do without your couch?

Premiere: September 2012 in the Mercat de les Flors under the framework of Indisciplines Festival
Running time: 20min
Space: Conventional venue or non conventional place and outdoors.

It’s Perimental is the starting point of the project that will be premiered at Grec Festival 2016.





“ULTRAinnocence”  delves   into   how   the   human   looks   beyond   the   material   world   with   ancestral   vehemence,   through   beliefs,   religion   or   art,   searching   for   the   transcendent,   the   sublime.   ULTRAinnocence   dissects   one   of   the   oldest   and   most   inherent   mechanisms   of   the   animal   kingdom,  the  most  beautiful,  the  most  terrible  or  the  most  absurd.        We  all  want  to  believe  in  something.  Create  something.  Create  something  to  believe  in. Believe   that we can create something that will make us believe. But it isn’t easy; it’s not just a question of will or power.
Running time: 60min
Coproduction: loscorderos.sc / Mercat de les flors/ Festival TNT (CAET)