Since 2005, the company MOVEO brings to the international stage creative work that explores the narrative possibilities of the body and the expressive richness of movement. Far from illustration through gestures, and also far from an abstract plasticity of the body separated from theatricality, Moveo researches and works on the development of a physical language that constantly seeks connection between different disciplines.

Always offering a journey into the human condition through the extra-quotidian with which we can play theatre, MOVEO creates performances that bring the communicative ability of this theatrical genre closer to the public.

For the success in the fusion of languages, 2007 Moveo receives the Special Jury Prize at the Mostra de Teatre of Barcelona, ​​with the show Requiem. In 2011, ARA! has been awarded the e-MIX Quality Label, a seal of quality for European physical and visual theater. Tu vas tomber! has received the 2015 Award for Best Show (dance category) of the International Fair of Theatre and Dance of Huesca.

Founded by Sophie Kasser, Olivier Stéphane Lévy and Décriaud, the company is part of MOVEO Creation and Training Centre who specializes in physical theatre. The centre has already received, in its eleven years of existence, professionals and students from over 40 different countries, offering courses, residences and artistic advice.




Premiere Imaginarius Festival (Portugal) and Fira Tàrrega 2017 (within the programme Support to Creation)

CONSEQÜÈNCIES, the new creation of Cia Moveo, is a show for all audiences that explores through movement the relations between these two notions in our everyday life and the accelerated time in which we live.

CONSEQÜÈNCIES is an ironic and joyful work on the possibility of being out of step, late, off the mark, and on the resulting consequences.

For a moment I stopped to listen, to watch, and the world around me kept on going. How can I find what I lost during these moments? The more I accelerate, the later I arrive, as if a strange force conspired against my presence in the time of others.

And you? What are you looking at?

Running time: 33 min
Outdoors and unconventional spaces