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CreaMoviment is an artistic and pedagogical group which kick-starts projects, sets up networks and shares knowledge with an empathetic and respectful attitude towards the individual processes of children and adults. They conceive and create their shows so they become generators of experiences and they seek to foster spaces in which to meet, grow and share happiness.

They look for authenticity in the actions and movements of individuals and groups, by doing, transforming and handling (i.e., using our hands). They want to escape globalisation, which depersonalises, labels, constrains, minimises and annuls individuality.



Paistages. Estudi#1

Show with audience participation based on dance for families with young children aged 0-3 and 3-5 years old. With live music.

Original idea Cristina Martí Ninot / Direction Toni Viñals Matas / Dancers Teresa García-Valenzuela and Cristina Martí Ninot / Choice of music Marc García-Rami / Piano Marc García-Rami, Juan Diego Fidalgo Ortiz / Costume design and production Marta Porta Sánchez / Lighting Sylvia Kuchinow / Production Mateu Pascual / With the accompaniment of CreaMoviment
Co-production Mercat de les Flors, CreaMoviment