CreaMoviment is an artistic and pedagogical group which kick-starts projects, sets up networks and shares knowledge with an empathetic and respectful attitude towards the individual processes of children and adults. They conceive and create their shows so they become generators of experiences and they seek to foster spaces in which to meet, grow and share happiness.

They look for authenticity in the actions and movements of individuals and groups, by doing, transforming and handling (i.e., using our hands). They want to escape globalisation, which depersonalises, labels, constrains, minimises and annuls individuality.




“A CARDBOARD WORLD” is the company’s first show. It was created by Helena Cabo Vila (singer), Cristina Martí Ninot (dancer) and Toni Viñals Matas (actor and singer) and it premiered in Barcelona in 2016. One of the sources of inspiration for the show were the family workshops that members of the company have been offering since 2012 through MOVIMENT I JOC EN FAMÍLIA (movement and play) and CANTEM EN FAMÍLIA (singing).


A space full of cardboard boxes and a story open the door to a new world for young and old. Then, the company delves into the story through games, original songs, movement activities and other music. As the story unfolds, space is transformed by construction and deconstruction: cardboard boxes are the show’s tools, props and set. The proposition ends in a unique way every time. TARGET: Family audiences with children aged 3 to 8; siblings are welcome.

DURATION: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

A CARDBOARD WORLD INSTALLATION – An open space for family play and creativity
The cast invite participants to enter a space with hundreds of cardboard boxes of different sizes. Through songs and dances they explore together the suggested CARDBOARD WORLD. It is then time for free play, allowing children and adults to let their creativity, imagination and fantasy flow on a small and large scale. At several points during the session the cast step in to generate synergies with the participants’ experiences, triggering collective constructions and spatial games. The intended end of the event is a collective tidy-up session in which participants take the boxes apart and return the venue to its original state.

TARGET: All ages. DURATION: 1 to 2 hours.

 Pre-school (children aged 4-6) and Primary 1 and 2 (aged 6-8)
Through a story and hundreds of cardboard boxes, children are offered the chance to discover, explore and sample experiences and sensations in an attentive environment within a living and constantly changing cardboard world. Using movement, their own body language and their enjoyment of music, children will delve into an imaginary world full of quirky characters.

PRE-SCHOOL GROUPS: 30/35 min. show + 15 min. free play + 5 min. tidy up.
PRIMARY SCHOOL GROUPS: 45/50 min. show + 15 min. free play + 5 min. tidy up.