Since 2005, the CIA MOVEO produces and tours on international stages productions that explore the narrative strength of the body and the expressive richness of the movement. Far from illustrating through gestures, far from an abstract plasticity of the body separated from theatricality, Cia Moveo researches and works the development of a physical language that constantly seeks the connection between different disciplines.  Since its creation, the company has been awarded several prizes, the most recent being the Best Performance Award (dance category) of the International Theater and Dance Fair of Huesca’15 (Spain), the Best Company Award of the Imaginarius’16 Festival in Portugal, and the Moritz Fira Tàrrega’17 Award for Best Street Arts Premiere. Cia Moveo was also nominated for the 2018 Critic’s Award and for the Dansacat Award 2020.




Premiere Imaginarius Festival (Portugal) and Fira Tàrrega 2017 (within the programme Support to Creation)

CONSEQÜÈNCIES is an ironic and joyful work on the possibility of being out of step, late, off the mark, and on the resulting consequences.

For a moment I stopped to listen, to watch, and the world around me kept on going. How can I find what I lost during these moments? The more I accelerate, the later I arrive, as if a strange force conspired against my presence in the time of others.

And you? What are you looking at?

Running time: 33 min
Outdoors and unconventional spaces




Echoes was premiered at the Festival Mercè Street Arts 2020 in September 2020 and
evokes in a playful and ironic way the desire for individuality and the
connections/interdependencies that exist between us, expressed from a deeply physical
language that mixes theatre, dance and acrobatics, creating a collective experience.

Where do our actions, thoughts and desires come from? Are they our own or are they
echoes of the world around us?

Running time: 45 min
Indoors and Outdoors and unconventional spaces